Saturday, February 2, 2013

Different uses for adapted books

As many of you know, I love adapted books.  I was lucky enough to have a donors choose project funded that purchased 24 different interactive books for my students.  Each came already assembled and ready to use!  The books are great for multiple levels of students for multiple types of tasks.
Here is a picture of one set of books I recieved:

Using this set of books, I can serve three different levels of students easily.  My highest functioning student can use the books to actually read and find correct answers:
This particular book gives a statement that she must read, and then she must put a picture to represent the sentence onto the page.  

The second level of student can use a lower level book that requires them to read specific words and match them to their picture

For the lower level student, I use these books as simple picture matching tasks.  He takes the books that the other students have put together and removes the icons and place them back onto their original pages.  This just has the student match picture to picture.

What a GREAT resource these books have turned out to be.  Useful for all students in my classroom and once they have had a few rounds of instruction with the books, they can use these as independent stations!

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