Monday, July 7, 2014

Special Educator Bloghop

Jamie over at Tales of a Carolina Girl is hosting a Special Educator Bloghop!  Figured I'd join in as I LOVE to see other special educators blogging.  Click on the button below to head over to her bloghop!

Here's Mine!!

Name: Erin

Job Title: APPLE Teacher (teacher of children with Autism and severe behaviors)

Grade: Middle School (6-8) 

How Long I've Been Teaching: 15 years (my husband just said "have you really been teaching for 15 years??  Good lord you're old!"  Thanks honey, thanks a lot!)

Advice: I have two things:  First:  Beg, Borrow, Steal, and Create!!!  As a special education teacher, you are often expected to teach all subjects and multiple grade levels.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to be a master of every subject on your own.  Find others who you can get ideas from.  Find others who will help you create items.  Follow bloggers who share their activities, ideas, and printables.  Collaborate with others.  You are not in this alone.  There are those few teachers out there who will not share.  Do not let those people get you down.  Move on and find others who will share.  When you look through my classroom, you will find that over half of my materials are items I have found through others!  If it is an item I created, I probably got the idea from someone else and built on it!  Just always remember, you are NOT in this alone, there are others with the same passion you have that are more than willing to share their ideas so that your children can thrive!!!  

Second:  Behavior, behavior, behavior.  If students behavior is not under control, you are not having true success.  As you plan for your classroom, determine how you will manage behavior.  Create reinforcement systems (or find good ones from others - see above).  Create behavior charts (again, see above).  Determine what behaviors you will focus on and what techniques you will use.  When school starts, implement your interventions, assess their effectiveness, and make adjustments!  

Thanks for the bloghop Jamie!!  I can't wait to learn from other bloggers!


  1. Thanks so much Erin for joining in the bloghop. It looks like I can learn a lot of from you! I'm working on planning my behavior system now. I think I'm going to do a form of token economy. Also love the advice about getting things from other people. I have been pinning so many ideas I want to use next year! Look forward to learning more about you!

    Tales of a Carolina Girl

  2. Awesome advice! Behavior is always #1 in our classroom. If we cannot get behavior systems appropriately implemented, learning is going to be effected for all students. I'm with you, I love seeing Special Ed bloggers team up! Great to stop by your blog!

    You AUT-a Know

  3. Glad I found you through Jamie's special ed hop! I teach severely autistic students, too.
    Great advice on behavior...totally agree!

  4. So excited to have found you through the hop! Great advice! Behavior is key, and we are not alone. Great things to repeat to yourself. Thanks!

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  6. I love your advice & It's very much as we'd like to master every subject, it just isn't possible!! We have learn when to Beg, Borrow, Steal, and Create!!! :)

    Miss, Hey Miss

  7. I definitely spent many years begging, borrowing, stealing, and creating! Great reminder that we are not alone. Thanks!

    Little Room Under the Stairs