Monday, August 11, 2014

New Room = Chaos!!!

Room Tour
I finally got access to my new classroom and surrounding areas today!  I was greeted with a HUGE mess!!!  The previous teacher was not very organized and had items in all sorts of places.  All my personal materials had been brought in by maintenance and were in a huge pile in another teachers classroom!  I was so ready to get going, I forgot to take true "before" pictures.  
I am so excited about this position.  I am teaching 2 subjects (ELA and Social Studies) and my co-teacher will be tackling Science and Math.  We will both be sharing the load for Daily Living, Personal Management, Rec/Leisure skills, and Vocational tasks.  We have 2 full size classrooms, a small kitchen area, and a smaller classroom in the back.  We plan to use the back classroom for Vocational tasks, including break areas (which we will teach our students to appropriately access).  Since we are integrating our students with severe autism (some of which have severe aggression), we also will use this back room for students who need to be removed from the group for safety.

We started strong by taking EVERYTHING out of cabinets and drawers and putting it into piles.  We then put things in their correct classroom (work tasks put into the back classroom, math/science into his room, ELA/SS into mine).  We left random items on tables and desks to figure out what to do with later.

Anyway, after 7 hours of work, here is what we have!
My Classroom

This is from the doorway between the two larger classrooms looking into my room (ELA/Social Studies). . . SO much work to be done!!!!
Another view from the doorway. . . just to show the amount of chaos!!!

Doorway is into  a bathroom that includes a toilet, changing table, and small shower.

An Interactive Whiteboard will be put over this whiteboard. . . the area where you see my coteacher walking takes you to the kitchen and back classroom

One storage area in my classroom, just to the right of the "hallway" to the kitchen.  So excited to have so many cabinets and shelves!

View of doorway to Science / Math classroom
WINDOWS!!!!!  One entire wall of the classroom is windows!!!!

Small Kitchen Area
Shows doorway to back classroom

Back Classroom
Back classroom which will be used for vocational skills and Rec/Leisure

Math/Science Room
Math/Science Classroom (yes, it has windows too!!!)

Rest of the Math/Science Classroom

So, that's what we've got so far.  I am so overwhelmed, but so excited.  Tomorrow, I hope to get all boxes unpacked and furniture in a first attempt placement.  That may be lofty, but it's my goal.  Then I will begin to put materials and items in their correct place.  

Hope you've enjoyed my tour!  I cannot wait to see what we end up with once it's all cleaned up!!!


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