Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We made it, we made it!!!  It's summertime!!!

I, like many of you, will not be taking the summer off, but will continue to work with my kiddos in ESY (extended school year).  Despite the fact I'll be working, I LOVE SUMMER!  ESY is only 4 hours a day and we don't have to follow the same strict regimen of the school year.  I am so excited to get to spend some time having fun with my kiddos!  All of my students only have behavior goals for the summer, so I get to incorporate lots of social skills, games, and art projects. 

This summer, our schedule will be the following:
Student 1 Student 2 Student 3 Student 4 Student 5 Student 6
8:00 - 8:30                          Group / Calendar / Binder
8:30 - 9:00 Ipad File Folders File Folders Work Box Work Box Ipad
9:00 - 9:30 Work Box Ipad Ipad File Folder File Folder Work Box
9:30 - 10:00 File Folders Work Box Work Box Ipad Ipad File Folder
10:00 - 10:50                                   Art / Cooking
10:50 - 11:20                                      Lunch
11:20 - 11:30                            Break / Dismiss

Group / Calendar / Binder, I will be using the following resources, as well as others:

Work Boxes will include the work boxes we use throughout the year, and I plan to create some new ones. . . 

Ipads = educational activities on the Ipad.  Some favorites we will use:
(I can't figure out how to get pictures of these Apps, so here are links to some favorites)
  • Splash Math (grades K-3)
  • Monkey Lunchbox (and other THUP games)
  • My First App (match it up 1,2, and 3; opposites; Sort it out; What's the difference)
  • apps
And many more.  If I figure out how to do pictures, I'll post some other favorites soon!

File Folders = I will use adapted books, file folder activities, and Reading A-Z books during this time

Art and Cooking - Can you believe we have a designated art and cooking teacher for the summer!  She will plan activities for this time period.  I could not be more thrilled, especially since I have NO creative bones in my body!  

So, that's a run down of my ESY. . . what do you do during your summer programs??


  1. Congrats on being done with the school year! Even though you will be working - there is nothing like Summer, even if you are working ;)

    I'm so glad you will be able to use my Daily Warm Ups in your summer classes! Have a wonderful summer :)

    Mindful Rambles

  2. I love, love, lover your daily warm ups!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!