Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Work Boxes

Work Boxes: As mentioned multiple times in the past, I have a TON of work boxes.  Here are a few more:


Reading office supply sort: Random items from around the classroom are put into the container. Students read the label at the bottom of the sorting system and place the correct number of items!  So easy to setup, and FREE!

Filling Medicine Box:  I used small candies as the "pills".  Students got instructions on what "pills" were needed in AM/PM.  Have to fill out weekly medicine storage.

Item sort (similar shape edition):  In this task, students sort random items, but many have very similar shape, (rounded vs square edges).  Students sort accordingly.

Another shape sorter - this came as a math kit, I just dumped it into a work box!

Fine motor activity:  Students take the small pegs and push them into a piece of foam.

More to come in a few days!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing these! I love how they are simple to set-up and free!!! :)
    Fun in ECSE

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