Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Work Box Update!
Here are a few work boxes. . . hope you see some you like!

Pencil Case Pack - students follow the template to put items into pencil tins

Eraser Pack - Students place two erasers into containers accordint to template.  For this particular task, students have two different shape containers, so they must make sure to get matching tops for container.

Spelling Pack - Students much choose an item from box, then find the letters to spell that word and place it all into a tied bag.  Items are all mastered spelling words for that particular student.

Rubber Band Sort - Students sort the rubber bands by size.  I must admit, this one is HARD!  The rubber bands are very close in size, so they have to pay close attention.  

Money Sort - Students place coins into a money sorter according to denomination.  For lower functioning students who do not yet know the amount of each coin, one example can be velcroed into the container to provide a cue.

Number Package - Students place the correct number of lady bugs into the bag according to the numeral.  For this specific task, the number card also has dots that students can use to ensure correct number of items.

There are a few. . . I'll be placing more each few days!!!


  1. Wow! These TEACCH tasks are so clever. My favorite is the money sort. I love that! Thank you so much for posting these.

  2. Glad you like them!! :) Keep a watch out, I have a ton more that will be posted over the next weeks.