Sunday, October 7, 2012

All about Adapted books

This year, I have been thrown into a new teaching situation.  For the first time in my teaching career, I am SHARING my students with another teacher!  I now teach ELA and Social Studies while my counterpart teaches Math and Science.  We are both responsible for other IEP areas such as rec/leisure, life skills, daily living, vocational, etc.  I started this position with a lot of fear.  I'm pretty much a control freak (aren't all sped teachers?) and was worried about how it would be to have two adults working with students with such a need for consistency.  I must admit, I love it.  I am now able to focus only on my Academic content areas and I'm finding that it allows me to create more materials that are actually meaningful.
In this new position, I have found a new love for adapted books.  These are books that allow students to interact with the material while listening to a story.  Usually there are velcro icons or items that can be manipulated on each page.  Here is a FREEBIE of one adapted book I created about "Community Helpers".

Community Helpers Adapted Book

Print out the book and take it for a spin.  Let me know your thoughts!  I'm currently working on creating many more books which I will post soon!

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