Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Classroom Essentials

Do you have items in your classroom that you have no idea how you ever lived without???  I have tons of them.  However, a few top the list.
Here is my teacher work station:

My essentials include:
Laminator - possibly the most useful thing I've ever purchased.  I remember purchasing my first one of these about 12 years ago. . . you had to use a film (almost like clear contact paper) and cranked the paper through the film - it took forever and rarely stuck!  Anyway, my school provides laminating but the laminate is very thin and doesn't hold up well to my kiddos repeated use.  This personal laminator came from Walmart and costs $28.00.  The film can be expensive, but I purchase a pack of 200 lamination pieces for $13.00 on Amazon.  It is much thicker than the laminate our school uses.  I laminate almost every thing that comes into my classroom!  I may have a slight addiction.

Velcro - I use velcro for EVERYTHING.  I use it for icons, PECS, behavior charts, adapted books, hanging items on walls, etc.  I swear, if it has space to put some velcro, I've put some velcro!  I am lucky to have landed in a school system this year that provides this for me.  I feel like I got a raise in this alone!!   

Binding Machine - Another perfect tool.  I purchased this from Office Max for about $30.00.  I use it to bind adapted books, add a page at the end of a book to keep icons (stolen from Sasha over at the Autism Helper - and create student workbooks.

Paper Cutter - I got a "needs improvement" in two subjects in elementary school - Handwriting and Using Scissors!  This made my OCD brain freak out because all my icons were crooked!  My paper cutter has been a life saver! It can cut up to 10 pages at a time and is safe to keep around kids.  The blade is underneath and cannot cut a finger, even if you try!  I have an X-Acto brand and I cannot find another ANYWHERE!!!  Pictured above is a different brand, but I think it works great too.

Double Sided Tape - This is used to keep icons and papers in place when they are going through the laminator.  This keeps them from sliding around and overlapping.

Packing Tape - I use this for almost everything.  It can be laminate in a pinch.  I use it to fix up icons that have been over-used.  

Ok, that's my essentials.  What am I missing?  What do you just have to have in your room?


  1. Velcro!! Not only do I use the school supply but I buy my own. And for some reason, sharpie markers are a go to item. I also use a lot of Blu Tack...not sure what that is called in the US but it is a rubbery thing to stick up posters etc. loving your blog :-)

    1. Kelly, I agree. How did the world work before velcro was invented?? I also use Sharpies a lot, totally missed that. We can't use Blu Tack at my school, so we staple everything (weird I know, but principals orders)
      So glad you're loving the blog. It's fun to collaborate with people over the web!!! :)

  2. I love velcro dots. I always get them on ebay and my last order took like 2 months. I was dyin. I also cannot live without our touch screen computer and my own personal IPAD. Clearly the district won't be getting those for us. I have six beautiful, but very involved students. Live is tough in the AU, we always say.

  3. Oh my goodness!! YOu are queen of task boxes!! I just recently started teaching a Life Skills SH high school class. These boxes are perfect for them!! Would you ever make and sell any of these boxes?? I WOULD BUY THEM!! :-D

  4. Thanks!!! I've often thought of starting a task box creation company! Maybe I can get my new high school students to assemble boxes, label them, create shipping labels etc and we can start a business!!! If I ever make it to that point, I'll let you know! :)