Saturday, October 13, 2012

Work Box Weekend Part 2


Put in Bank - In this task, students simply put small letter and number tiles I had laying around into a container with a small slit cut into the top.  This one is really good for fine motor skills and for increasing attention to task.  Students have to look pretty closely to get those tiles to fit into the space.


Eraser Pack - Students place five erasers into small containers with lids.  For higher functioning kiddos. they place all same color, or have to place a pattern of erasers.


Letter File - Students file away cards by first letter into an expandable file.


Shape Package with Directions - Students follow written directions to package shapes into a bag.  Directions have a number, color and shape.  Each bag contains different directions.

Shape Package Easy - This one gives the same written directions, but also a visual so that the student who cannot yet read the color/shape can still complete the task.

Shape Package with Directions 2 - Another version that uses colored and shaped buttons.


Office Supply Sort - Students place one pencil, one pen and one eraser into each bag.


Baby Utensil Sort - Students put one baby spoon and one baby fork into each container.


Poker Chip Sort - This is a color sorting task, but I'm attempting to use more age appropriate materials than those ridiculous colored bears.  :)


Leaf package - I got these leaves 200 for a dollar!  They are "table scatter".  I have students package them with 5 leaves in a small container with a lid (also 10 for a dollar at dollar tree

That's it for this post - keep checking back for more!

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