Thursday, October 18, 2012

Student Rotations - Work with Teacher

It has been a very long day.  I had a student who basically stayed in tantrum mode for 5 of our 8 hours!  He is new to my class, so he truly didn't believe I would hold firm in my expectations of him.  Thank goodness, I did.  It was hard at about hour 4, but we made it and I expect a shorter tantrum tomorrow!

Anyway, this tantrum kind of zapped my brain cells.  I want to post this, but don't feel my writing will be especially clear.  Please forgive me if I ramble or don't make sense!

Ok, here goes.  In my class, we have student rotations that include independent work, work drawers (a set of 6 individualized activities), Vocational, Computer/Ipad, leisure, and group.  I plan to show you each of these stations in different posts.  Today I will focus on our Work with Teacher station.  This is where I try to work 1:1 or 1:2 with students on specific objectives and where the most data is taken.

An overview (this is a very messy picture, I took it after school while I was using the table to organize and create materials) - there is a kidney table where I sit with the students.  The whiteboard houses visuals and is used to write prompts, notes for things I need to create, etc.  Behind the table is a small bookshelf where I keep each child's IEP box.  To the left of that is a drawer system where materials are kept that I use for multiple students.

This is the shelf behind the table.  On it I keep each student's IEP box and then general items that I may need to use with kids.  IEP boxes hold materials that target specific IEP objectives.

These are the visuals that are located on the white board behind the table.  There is a visual timer, along with a second timer which I can actually hear.  The rules are also posted.

Here is what I keep in the drawers:

Commonly used environmental print cards, noun picture cards and color sorting cards.

Visuals for administering the ABLLS (from and some edible reinforcers.

Photo cards for receptive discrimination and identifying common objects.

Paper of all sorts and writing utensils.

Flash cards and games that can be played as a small group.

Maps and other items for Social Studies.

Now for the IEP boxes:

This is one student IEP box.  It contains all items I will need to use during our time together.

One task in the box is an object to picture match.  Real photos are used to match to items.

This is another student's IEP box.

One task in this IEP box is practicing following prepositional directions.  I use a sentence strip and a cup to model the correct response.

That is a quick look at my "work with teacher" area.  There are a ton of other things I do during this time, but these are the major components.  Very efficient and easy to use!

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  1. I love all your pictures of this station! Excited to see more of your classroom!