Saturday, October 13, 2012

Work Box Weekend

One of the rotations in my students day is their "work box" time.  These are based off of the TEAACH tasks, but are self created.  I spend an insane amount of time at the dollar tree and the dollar sections of other stores trying to purchase the largest number of items in a package.  I typically don't purchase anything unless there are at least 10 items in the pack!  I'm super excited when I find packages of 200 for a dollar (examples you will see in a post sooner or later - the leaves for leaf package, the beads for multiple jobs, the buttons for following directions, etc)
Ok, Here is my set up:

My tasks are located on two shelving units I purchased from Lowes.  The tasks are separated into two types:  Vocational and Academic
I have used many ways to label boxes over the years (by letters, numbers, colors, etc) and have currently settled on this.  The tasks are labeled with a picture from Mayer Johnson's Boardmaker and a short phrase that describes what is in the box. I find this helps my staff determine the most appropriate task for each child easier.  I print two of each label.  One is taped onto the box and a piece of Velcro is added.  The other is cut out and laminated and velcro is added.  Each student has a work box assignment board where their assigned boxes are placed.  They take off each label, match it to the box, complete the box, then place the box on the Finished shelf (slightly to right of work box shelves). 

Now, for the tasks - I have over 75. . . it may take a few posts to get them all!

Color Dice Package - Students follow a color coded template to put one of each color and 5 white dice into a bag.

White Dice Package - Students package 10 regular dice into a bag.  For students who need it, a template is provided.  For higher students, they just count out 10 at a time and place into a bag.


Egg Package - Students place 5 small erasers into a plastic Easter egg.  There are three different levels for this task.  The lowest functioning students follow a visual template to complete the task.  For the second level, students use a number line to count out 5 erasers to place into the bag.  For the third level, students use a touch math number to package different numbers into each egg.  The task works on counting as well as fine motor (closing those eggs can be pretty difficult!)

Packaging Bracelets - This task requires students to place one of each color bead and a string into a bag.  For lowest functioning students, this is all they have to do.  For higher students, they must place the beads onto the string in the correct order.

Plug Assembly - Students use a screw driver to take apart or put back together these plugs.

Golf Package - Students place two golf balls and 5 golf tees into a baggie.  

Plumbing 2 - Students screw caps onto large PVC pipe

Bolt and Washer Pack - Students place four bolts and 8 washers into a bag

Ok, that's all for right now. . . As you can see, there are a variety of tasks.  I try to make sure that all tasks can be completed by varying levels of students.  I look forward to sharing more tasks soon!!!


  1. Boy would I like to see your class! I teach autistic high schoolers and have for 10 yrs., but you have some great ideas I haven't seen before. Thank you! Paula

  2. Fantastic ideas! I would love to see more. Are you part of an idea exchange site or anything? Or do you know of one? It is great to see everyone's work task ideas. I like your vocational and academic differentiation, too.

  3. I see your future posts now after I asked my initial question. I am new to this Blogger thing and found my way here through Pinterest. Thank you for sharing, again. You are amazing and I am sure your students are truly benefited!